Exquisite Dental Crowns in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Welcome to the PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry! Dr. Jay L. Ajmo is an expert in restorative and cosmetic dentistry for patients in the Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and Stuart areas of southern Florida. We provide the most comprehensive restorative dental care including high quality and affordable dental crowns. Dr. Ajmo prides himself on providing the highest quality and aesthetically pleasing dental crowns to protect teeth that have been compromised by extensive damage or decay. A dental crown is a tooth shaped cover that is designed to restore strength and function to teeth that have been damaged by trauma, decay, or infection. Teeth that have large cavities, existing structural damage, or that have compromised aesthetic qualities can all be restored and enhanced with the excellent dental crowns at the PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.


How Dental Crowns Protect At-Risk Teeth

Dental crowns, also referred to as dental “caps”, are a highly effective type of dental restoration that envelopes the entire remaining structure of a damaged or decayed tooth in order to provide renewed strength and function to an otherwise unusable tooth. Dental crowns prolong the viability and usefulness of teeth that would otherwise require extraction without proper restorative dental care. Dr. Ajmo and the PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry contract with one of the nation’s foremost laboratories to provide patients with the affordable, high quality, long-lasting dental crowns to help prolong the life span of badly damaged or decayed teeth. We can utilize a wide variety of different types of dental crowns to fit our patients’ unique clinical dental needs. Our patients have come to rely upon our expertise to restore, protect, and preserve their beautiful smiles and overall oral health.

Superb Dental Crowns in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Dr. Jay L. Ajmo takes great care to ensure that all of his patients’ needs are attended to in an effective, comfortable, and compassionate manner. We care about our patients, and we genuinely endeavor to treat everybody just as we would our own family members. We get to know our patients on a personal level so that we can custom tailor their dental experience based on their preferences and desires. Dr. Ajmo and his patient-focused staff are dedicated to excellence in dental care and will make any accomodation within reason to ensure that your visit to the PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry is as comfortable and enjoyable as we can make it for you. If you have one or more damaged or decaying teeth that need to be protected with a dental crown, then we invite you to peruse the following areas of this site to familiarize yourself with our dental crown services:

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If you have one or more teeth that are badly chipped, cracked, broken, or decayed and you live in or near the Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Stuart, and neighboring communities of southern Florida, then Dr. Ajmo of the PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry has an permanent solution for you! Dental crowns can completely restore the function and appearance of your damaged or decayed teeth and can protect them from further damage and decay. We strongly advocate the placement of dental crowns to preserve and protect teeth that have been compromised by decay or trauma. When a tooth becomes damaged or infected, then oftentimes the only way to salvage it is with root canal therapy. Root canal therapy can eliminate the infection in a tooth, but can leave teeth in a weakened and vulnerable state. Dental crowns provide a strong, durable, and long-lasting solution for teeth that have been affected by damage and decay. Contact our office to schedule your no-obligation initial consultation with Dr. Ajmo in Palm Beach Gardens, FL today!